T2: The new USB-to-DMX interface by Avolites

For the month of September, get the T2 for 2,300AED (35% discount)! Eight years ago, Avolites launched the Titan One: A USB-to-DMX dongle that plugs into a PC, controls a rig of one DMX universe and brings the full power of the Avolites Titan Software. It became an immediate hit and a must-have for every lighting designer. Building on this success, Avolites launched the T2. Like the Titan One, the T2 is a pocket USB-to-DMX interface. However, the T2 is more than that. In addition to controlling two DMX universes, the T2 plugs in any USB MIDI Controller turning it into a mini-console. It can also read an LTC input for synchronized time-coded shows. Terms & Conditions:
  • The offer is valid only through the month of September 2020
  • VAT is excluded
  • Delivery time will depend on availability
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