CM-801 - 8 Ch Manual Hoist Controller

The BGV-D8 is a 8 channel  manual chain hoist controller that adapts to the demands of the individual application according top safety standards and reliably.

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Product Description

A controller for extensive rigging projects must be flexible in use, comfortable to operate, versatile in its configuration to adapt to the demands of the individual application, and capable of implementing the operation even of complex structures safely and reliably. With a variety of products and options unequalled anywhere in the world, the ChainMaster CM-801 series satisfies these demands. Individual controllers, centralized or decentralized group controllers, touring versions, radio-controlled units and interfaces for the ChainMaster ProTouch StageOperator or the XYZ Control System, as well as a wide range of accessories and country-specific modifications, round off the portfolio. Product features
  • Item No. : CM-801003
  • Manual Controller BGV-D8 8-ch
  • Remote Control with 6m Cable
  • IN CEE-32/5, OUT 8x CEE-16/4 For chain hoist up to 1kW incl. Phase monitoring, Rotation field monitoring, Main contactor monitoring, Reversing contactor monitoring, Emergency contactor monitoring



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