Avolites introduces Synergy “the true integration of media servers and lighting consoles”

The trend of lighting and video production is setting the bar very high and Avolites is taking this trend on to a different level. Avolites has introduced the next generation of integration between lighting consoles and Media servers with its newest upgrade “Synergy”. Synergy describes the enhanced feature set, and streamlined workflow provided when the Titan lighting products work together with the Ai video products in a networked system. Key features of the Synergy platform include:
  • Key fixture includes:
  • Intuitive, reliable connection to one or more Ai server systems
  • Simple server configuration from console interface
  • Upload media to servers on the network from the front of house console
  • Bring lights and video together with Light Map
  • Manage media layers and programming with greater flexibility than ever before
  • Live layer and output preview within the lighting console
Synergy’s Lightmap feature means that users can stream Ai video color data through any fixture group, including both RGB and CMY fixtures, to instantly integrate them into a larger video canvas – meaning that everything from high-res LED screens to LED fixture groups can be controlled from one intuitive User Interface (UI). Synergy will be available alongside the launch of the V.12 Titan upgrade. Stay tuned for the latest updates and for the release of live Demo at our premises. Read more https://goo.gl/YZyhHu For more info contact us  [email protected]

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