Get the new AvoKey to unlock the ultimate Synergy feature from Avolites

Avolites released the new Titan V.12 and Ai V12 software upgrade worldwide. The upgrade comes along the new USB dongle, the AvoKey. The update applies to both the full range of Avolites consoles and the media server range. This new upgrade from Avolites unlocks the new ultimate Synergy feature, uniting the console and media server like never before, allowing lighting designers’ full visibility and fine control over both the lighting and video components of truly multimedia performance. Synergy allows users to quickly and simply pull control of pre-created screen surfaces and layers into a Titan-based lighting console at the touch of a button, or, vice versa, create surfaces in an Ai media server from within the console interface. All operations occur seamlessly using Avolites Titan Net protocol and take place on whatever hardware the user is running, from Titan USB interfaces all the way up to the Sapphire Touch console, and from Ai software licenses all the way up to the super-powerful Q4 media server. The creative possibilities for lighting design that are unleashed as a result are endless. The software’s new Lightmap feature allows users to stream Ai video color data through any color-mixing fixture group, to instantly integrate them into a larger video canvas. As a result, everything from high-res LED screens to LED fixture groups can be controlled from a single intuitive User Interface without the requirement to create and arrange fixtures in the media server or create ArtNet merges. Users can simply select the group and choose Ai in the pixel mapper. Synergy also allows for live video previews of up to six simultaneous streams from the media server, inside the Titan interface, giving users full control whether the servers are located FOH or elsewhere. These can be either layer previews or screen outputs. And Synergy’s media browser allows content to be selected and uploaded to specific locations on connected servers from the console interface. This content then appears on the bank with a thumbnail ready to play as soon as it’s uploaded and/or converted to AiM. Check the video showcasing exactly what Synergy is capable of with integrated lighting and video can be seen
There are three different types of AvoKey: Editor AvoKey – Silver Avokey that plugs into any laptop to unlock v12 simulator and v12 on your old Titan One Needed for: Titan One, V12 Simulator   External AvoKey – Silver Avokey that plugs into your laptop to access v12 on your Titan Mobile or Ai License (please note the Ai license will be loaded onto the Avokey, you will not need your old Ai license to access Ai v11 and above). Needed for: Titan Mobile, Ai License Upgrades Internal AvoKey – Red Avokey that plugs into your console or media server. Needed for: Consoles from the Quartz onwards, Media Servers. For Installation guidance contact us

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