Olympic Torch Relay Uses K-array Portable System

In advance of the 2016 Summer Olympics commencement in Rio, the Olympic Torch visited more than 300 cities in a five month marathon, bringing the Olympic spirit to all corners in Brazil. Equipped with K-Array KR402 portable systems, a mobile stage truck accompanied the torch throughout its journey for announcements and live performances by national and local artists. With a total of eight KP102 Pythons and four KMT21 subwoofers, the KR402 systems were easily and invisibly installed inside the structure of the truck providing high quality audio to the large audience. The KP102 columns were installed horizontally giving the opportunity to control the sound dispersion, focusing on just the front stage area and not spreading to the sides of the stage. rio + k-array   Related articles: K-array Comes in First at Olympic Torch Relay in Brazil

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