Procom launches a series of 3D video mapping training sessions on Avolites media server in Dubai

To book for the training, contact us here or email [email protected] Browse the media servers product catalogue Procom launched a series of video mapping and graphic projection training sessions using the Avolites media server. The training will take place in Procom’s showroom in Dubai. The training will include the building of the 3D mapping stage model, the mapping of the video projector output on the model, the edge blending features using multiple video sources, the auto mapping features, the media editing, the control of the LED screens, the configuration of the libraries and the control of pixels with Artnet. After the first training, attendants will have a strong grasp of the mapping discipline and be able to operate the media server. The training will take an individualized approach with no more than 3 attendants per session and will accommodate the content to the different levels of expertise of the participant. The training is part of the continuous training offered by Procom Middle East on the full range of its equipment which include: Avolites lighting consoles and media servers, DAS Audio, Philips Selecon and Strand Lighting, Wireless DMX, Truss and rigging and Capture Sweden stage visualization among others. To book for the training, contact us here or email [email protected] Related articles: Pro Audio Central : Procom offers Avolites training Digital Production  ME: Avolites training sessions announced by Procom

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