AG-1500 Disinfecting Fog Machine

AG-1500 is a portable, convenient, and highly functional disinfecting fog machine for large areas.

Product Description

AG-1500 can spread fog to fill the entire space in any direction. It can be used as a regular maintenance solution in any place, such as cars, homes, small offices, and classrooms. AG-1500’s higher output makes it suitable for larger areas, such as theatres, department stores, large offices, schools, plazas, airports, gymnasiums and hospitals. AG-1500 can kill most fungi, germs, virus, dust mites and get rid of bad odors effectively.


  • Input voltage: 220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz 3.5A
  • Power: 1450W
  • Heating time: 6 minutes (approx.)
  • Fluid consumption: 40 ml / min
  • Liquid tank capacity: 2.4 Liters (0.63 gal)
  • Compatible liquid: Air Guard FLD and Air Guard FLV Antibacterial Solutions
  • Ambient operating temperature: 0˚C – 40˚C
  • Control: Timer, Manual, Wireless
  • Weight: 10.7 KG
  • Dimensions (mm): 344 (L) x 193(W) x 381 (H) mm

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