Canto 2000- Follow Spot

The Canto 2000 is a new-concept, efficient, lightweight and extremely powerful follow spot, ideal for all long-throw applications.

Product Description

An extremely compact and powerful 2K discharge followspot, the Canto® 2000msr FF harnesses the power and flexibility of the Philips 2000msr FastFit lamps with LDR’s advanced optics and mechanics. The result is a new-concept, efficient, lightweight and extremely powerful followspot, ideal for all long-throw applications. Canto® 2000msr FF features the patented FastFit rear load lamp base system, which enables easy lamp replacement in difficult stage conditions. The MSR filling of the lamp guarantees pure, white light, whereas the short arc provides high beam intensity for professional entertainment lighting.

Product features

  • Beam style well-defined, flat field profile projection
  • Suitable for large scale theatres, arenas, long-throw
  • applications
  • Specification level professional range
  • Beam angle 8° – 22°
  • Typical throw distance 10 – 50m
  • Supply Volts 180/265V AC single phase to ballast unit
  • Max. Lamp Watts 2000W
  • Lamp base PGJX50 FastFit
  • Ballast external unit, electronic flicker-free ballast with separate pulse igniter and on/off switch
  • Fuse 20A, on ballast
  • Auto-disconnect no
  • Cable/connection 2m, multicore cable to ballast; 2m 3×2.5mm2 bare ended cable to power
  • Standards Compliance EN60598-2-17, CE marked
  • Paint/Finish epoxy powder paint, black
  • Lamp House Construction extruded aluminium and sheet steel
  • Reflector 68mm diameter aluminium
  • Optical system double condenser with variable zoom
  • Mounting & suspension steel stirrup with 12mm centre hole and DIN
  • mounting. Spigot for ø28mm tube supplied
  • Control of pan and tilt two large rubber handles
  • Weight/Packed weight 19,8kg / 23,7kg – ballast: 8,5kg /10,5 kg
  • Packed volume 0.204m3 ballast: 0.049m3
  • Filter cut size 185 x 185mm
  • Accessory runners 3 slots
  • Colour frame metal, 185 x 185mm, supplied
  • Lamp access removable side panel on the lamp-house
  • Lens access sliding panels beneath lamp tube
  • Focus adjustment slide zoom controls (dia./softness) at side
  • Lamp alignment not requested
  • Beam shaping 20-leaf iris included; shutters: accessories
  • Dimming optical dimmer iris included
  • Positional adjustment lever tilt clamp
  • 2000W 7500K Philips 2000 MSR Gold/2 FastFit PGJX50 750 hrs
  • 2000W 6000K Philips 2000 MSR Gold FastFit PGJX50 750 hrs
  • LDR recommends Philips lamps
  • Spare metal colour frame 20100106
  • 5-colour colour changer 20105106
  • Spare iris diaphragm 20100707 Gobo holder, A/B size 20100807
  • Black tripod 20102401 Chrome plated tripod 20102402
  • Spare spigot ø28mm 20102200
  • Kit 1-hand control iris/dowser 20107070 Stirrup-kit for suspension 20102900
  • Flight case with braking wheels 20107080 for



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