Comet Laser System

Comet Laser System are uniquely compact and powerful, state-of-the-art entertainment devices.

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Product Description

Comet Laser Systems are uniquely compact and powerful, state-of-the-art entertainment devices. Equipped with High-Speed Scanners, they deliver extreme performance at professional level. Laser
  • diode pumped semiconductor laser
  • automatic laser diode TEC thermoregulation
Scanning system
  • scanning system x,y speed up to 80.000pps
  • drawing area 80° for both axes
  • ILDA standard laser controller Safety protections
  • driver scanners protection
  • safety key
  • emergency Stop button “AC voltage drop-out protection
  • thermal stabilization
  • inverted axis projection
  • maximal beam brightness settings
  • hermetically separated sectors of laser (clean closed sector, air cooled sector)
  • active warming up time 45 sec. beam direction and alignment setting
  • small weight
  • easy maintenance
  • low power consumption
  • stable temperature in extremely conditions
  • discotheques and clubs
  • theaters and concerts
  • techno parties
  • presentations
  • opening ceremonies
  • parties
  • advertising
  • G: 532nm R:639nm B:460nm Y:577nm and other on request
Output power
  • 1W up to 30W
Internal Electronic System
  • power supply 230V/50Hz or 110V/50Hz on request
  • regulated current supply with current limiter
  • air cooling by electric fans
  • Peltier cooling and heating
Optical elements
  • anti-reflect surface of collimator lenses decrease the power looses
  • focusing the collimator
  • external optical collimator for excellent divergence and better beam visibility
  • brightness potentiometer



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