ES-112 - 3-Way Passive Point Source/Strong - 142 dB

The ES-112 aims large venues. It is a 3-way system designed for top-level clubs, it must be accompanied by the ES-215 for midrange frequency reproduction (60Hz – 120 Hz). The front of the system is composed of two large-format fiberglass horns comprising the mid and high-frequency sections and the twin bullet tweeters provide the ultra-high frequency reproduction required for club systems. The black chrome color of the horns together with the mate silver tweeters, make it look as impressive as it sounds.

Powerful, clarity and uniqueness define the ES-112.

Product Description

  • 12” horn-loaded Midrange
  • M-75N neodymium Compression driver
  • Twin bullet tweeters for very high frequency
  • Specific hardware for rigging and stacking
  • Nightclubs
  • VIP Rooms
  • Bar & Lounges
  • Live Music Venues


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