ES-212 - Passive Bass-reflex Subwoofer

The ES-212 is a compact bass-reflex subwoofer system incorporating two 12P low frequency with 3′′ voice coils. Designed to be used in bi-amplified systems, the ES-212 has a power handling capacity of 1600 W Program and is capable of maximum peak SPL of a 132 dB. The compact ES-212 enclosure design is ideal for smaller clubs or auxiliary club floors when used in combination with E11EVEN Sound satellite systems such as the ES-10.

The cabinet is designed using top grade birch plywood and protected with an impact resistant ISO-flex paint. The front elements of the cabinet are protected using a solid metal grill assisted by an acoustically transparent fabric.

Product Description

  • Compact bass-reflex subwoofer system
  • 1600 Wprogram power handling
  • 2 x 12P low frequency loudspeaker, 3″ VCD
  • For use in biamplified systems
  • Nightclubs
  • VIP Rooms
  • Bar & Lounges
  • Live Music Venues


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