ES-215- Passive Mid-bass Subwoofer

The ES215 offers amazing and well-defined mid-bass from a slim-line enclosure bringing new power, clarity, and output to an important yet often neglected area of the frequency spectrum in dance club systems. Used properly with two ES215’s per each ES112 will deliver chest pounding mid-range bass response in our band pass design which really spreads out through the concentrated area superior to a horn loaded design.

The cabinet is designed using top grade birch plywood and protected with an impact resistant ISO-flex paint. The f ront elements of the cabinet are protected using a solid metal grill assisted by an acoustically transparent fabric.

Product Description

  • Twin 15” neodymium loudspeakers
  • Elegant cabinet design
  • Bandpass configuration
  • Specific hardware for rigging and stacking
  • Nightclubs
  • Bar & Lounges
  • Live Music Venues


Data Sheet

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