ES-218 - Passive Bass-reflex Subwoofer

The ES-218 is a bass-reflex subwoofer system that makes use of two newly developed 18UXN transducers. The loudspeakers incorporate state-of-the-art features such as a 4′′ sandwich split winding voice coil, a remarkable 52 mm peak-to-peak excursion, and a powerful FEA (Finite Element Analysis) optimized neodymi-um magnet assembly. Thanks to the double silicon spider, the 18UXN controls the moving mass with high linearity. An aluminum demod-ulating ring benefits lower distortion and the effective ventilation of the voice coil gap provides for a high thermal rating, and reduced power compression. The ES-218 subwoofer system has program power handling capacity of 4400 Wprogram and is capable of producing a maximum peak SPL of 143 dB.

The cabinet is designed using top grade birch plywood and protected with an impact resistant ISO-flex paint. The front elements of the cabinet are protected using a solid metal grill assisted by an acoustically transparent fabric.

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Product Description


  • High performance subwoofer system
  • Two new 18UXN long-excursion loudspeakers
  • Front-loaded crossfire configuration
  • Solid Birch plywood construction


  • Nightclubs
  • Bar & Lounges
  • Live Music Venues


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