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The MADRIX® Software is the preferred lighting tool of choice for industry professionals, lighting designers, operators, VJs, and enthusiasts all around the world. From small projects and events to high-profile architectural installations, the largest stages, and the most famous clubs, MADRIX® Software makes the most creative lighting designs possible. Thanks to very intuitive controls and enormous flexibility, you can create stunning lighting effects for your LEDs in no time. The application is a real-time effects generator for 2D pixel mapping and 3D voxel mapping with additional media server capabilities.
Using the built-in graphics and rendering engine, fully customizable live visuals are created by you quickly and easily.

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Product Description

MADRIX 5.5 is a huge update to the MADRIX 5 Software for LED lighting control. Exciting new features and improved workflows will bring your pixel mapping to the next
level. The main highlights include:

  • MIDI Button Feedback: One of the most requested features of the MADRIX community has finally arrived. Visual feedback on MIDI controllers is now available and makes you much more efficient at operating your
    lighting rig.
  • Timelines: Timelines add a completely new way to work with MADRIX 5. Create stunning light shows that sync to music. Based on time code, you can use sequencing to trigger cue segments at exactly the right time and synchronize your lighting to audio, which is shown in waveforms. MADRIX 5 itself can become the timecode sender.
  • Performance: MADRIX 5.5 improves the performance across the board. Especially, patches that leave a lot of space between fixture profiles will see the biggest improvements.
  • License System: The maximum available DVI output has been increased for the following licenses:
    – MADRIX 5 start: From 4,096 (64 x 64) to 16,384 (128 x 128)
    – MADRIX 5 entry: From 16,384 (128 x 128) to 264,144 (512 x 512)
    – MADRIX 5 basic: From 264,144 (512 x 512) to 1,048,576 (1024 x 1024)
    – MADRIX 5 professional: From 1,048,576 (1024 x 1024) to 2,097,152 (2048 x 1024)
  • Fixture Replacement: In the Patch Editor, you can now quickly replace already patched fixture profiles.
  • SCE Video: HSB: Adjusting your videos and tuning their colors is now possible with controls for hue, saturation, brightness, as well as contrast.
    Workflows: Whether it is the increased number of 256 Fixture Groups that can be controlled remotely, brand-new Effect Options to define the exact start frame of supporting effects, support for multiple Cue Lists, or one of the many other features, MADRIX 5.5 includes a wide range of enhancements for new or improved workflows.
MADRIX® 5 KEY Start Entry Basic Professional Ultimate Maximum
Upgradeable X
DMX Based Output
DMX Channels
1,024 Channels 4,096 Channels 16,384 Channels 65,536 Channels 262,144 Channels 1,048,576 Channels
DMX Universes Example 2 Universes 8 Universes 32 Universes 128 Universes 512 Universes 2,048 Universes
RGB Voxels Example 341
DVI Voxels 16,384 262,144 1,048,576 2,097,152 2,097,152 2,097,152
Render Resolution Example 128 x 128 512 x 512 1,024 x 1,024 2,408 x 1,024 2,048 x 1,024 2,048 x 1,024
Valifity Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime

Ultimate Flexibility
From the smallest projects to the biggest ones – get the best out of your LEDs. The MADRIX® Software can produce a complete LED light show from a normal computer or laptop. Still, it can drive tens of thousands of LEDs without problems. This powerful software will not only allow you to control nearly any 2D LED display in every possible way, but real 3D LED applications as well. This makes it the ideal solution for your LED project.

Audio-Reactive Visuals
The MADRIX® Software features a state-of-the-art audio analysis. It can process any live audio signal and create stunning real-time lighting visuals. These live effects will create a light show that runs in sync with your music. And thanks to the integrated effects generator, you can also create many lighting patterns without audio input. And you can always customize everything, such as speed, color, shape, direction, size, movement, position, brightness, and much more.

Ultimate Creativity
Bring your LED design to life with beautiful colors, stunning visuals, and spectacular effects. The MADRIX® Software adapts to your needs. Use it as LED lighting controller, VJ software, 2D pixel mapper, 3D voxel mapper, media server, or media creator. This software is very easy to use with a VJ-like operation, 2 decks and a crossfader, plus 3 real-time previews to show your effects in advance.

Ultimate Control
MADRIX® 5 is the ultimate control software for LED lighting. All-new features such as the TRI effect category, audio playback for videos, the CSV fixture list import, a fresh user interface with two themes that is even easier to use, unprecedented performance and speed thanks to the powerful new 64-bit render engine, and many more allow you to produce amazing results right from the start. Cutting-edge technologies provide you with all the tools you need for modern LED control.

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