A DMX cable 2×0,34mm


Product Description

Product features:
  • Inner conductor: Extra Fine wires tinned copper 2×0,34 IEC228 CL5  Ø=1,45 mm
  • Insulation:Foam PE Black/naturalCore arrang.
  • Shield 1:2 twisted conductors with filler
  • Shield 2:Aluminium/my tape, coverage 100%
  • Jacket:Tinned copper braid PVC Ø=6,8 mm
  • Cond.Ohm resistance:<56 Ohm/Km   20N/mm2
  • Shield Ohm resistance:<18 Ohm/Km
  • Insulation resistance: >10000 Mohm*Km
  • Inductance:0,6mH/Km
  • Impedance:120 Ohm
  • Density:1,3 g/cm3
  • Capacitance cond./cond. 65pF/m
  • Capacitance cond./shield:102pF/m
  • Test voltage:1000 Volt DC
  • Tensile strenght:20N/mm2

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