RPC15- Speaker Cable

The RPC15 is a speaker cable, 4×2.5, AWG13.

Product Description

The RPC15 is a speaker cable – 4×2.5 AWG13 designed for amplifier to loudspeaker connections, the RPC cables can really make a difference when maximum power transfer, superior sonic transparency, and mechanical reliability are essential.

Typical Applications: Studio installation, sound reinforcement, distributed speaker systems.

Product features:

  • Total number of conductors:4
  • AWG:13 (4×2.5)
  • Outer jacket material: Flex PVC/ flame resistant
  • Overall diameter:11 mm
  • Weight:207 Kg/Km
  • Operating temperature range:-30 / +70 Deg. Celsius
  • Conductor DC resistance:8 Ohm/Km
  • Insulation resistance:> 100 Mohm*Km

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