RSC12ZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen Multicore Cable

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Multicore cable.

Product Description

The RSC/ZH Series of multichannel microphone cables offers the same advantages and performance of the traditional RSC models. The LSZH insulation material used makes it a mandatory choice where permanent installations are needed – especially public spaces and professional audio permanent wiring as studio mixing consoles and equipment. Complying to: ASIM B33-91 CEI 20-11 CEI 20-34 CEI 20-35/IEC332.1 CEI 20-22-III / IEC332.3 CEI 20-37 III-A / IEC1034 CEI 20-37 II Typical Applications: Pro audio permanent installations, public sites (hospitals, theaters, cinemas, conference halls, etc.).

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