Seamless Switcher DVX602

DVX602 has 9 video inputs. DVI loop. Preview, Program and LED outputs. 2 3G-SDI  inputs(optional).

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Product Description

DVX602  has 9 video inputs.  DVI  loop.  Preview, Program and  LED  outputs.  2  3G-SDI  inputs(optional). Multi-format  Program  output:3G-SDI/DVI/VGA/VID(optional).  Support  PIP,POP.  Freeze  and    Black. Preview, Program operate separately. CUT  and  FADE. Up to 4096(H) or 2160(V) input and output 9 video inputs Product features
  • 9 video inputs
  • DVI loop
  • Preview,Program and LED outputs
  • 2  3G-SDI inputs(optional)
  • Multi-format Program output:3G-SDI /DVI/VGA/VID(optional)
  • Support PIP,POP
  • Freeze and  Black
  • Preview,Program operate separately
  • CUT and FADE
  • up to 4096(H) or 2160(V) input and output

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