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Skirting / Kick Board – Stage Deck Accessories

Skirt-ProfileSkirt-Profile-Easy jpgSkirting profile

To secure rolling materials from falling off the stage, Eurotruss invented the kick-toe boards. For mounting skirting on the side you can use the skirting profile with velcro.

The easy-on version is only for Skirting at this moment, the version with assembly inserts is universal to use as a Kick-toe board or Skirting profile.

Product Description

Product Code & Material
ED-SKIRT-L470 - 47 cm.
ED-SKIRT-L970 - 97 cm.
ED-SKIRT-L1970 - 197 cm.
ED-SKIRT-L101 - 104 cm. Easy on
ED-SKIRT-L204 - 207 cm. Easy on
ED-SKIRT-L2FT - 2 ft. Easy on
ED-SKIRT-L4FT - 4 ft. Easy on
ED-SKIRT-L8FT - 8 ft. Easy on
ED-KTB-L970 - 100 cm.
ED-KTB-L1970 - 200 cm.
ED-KTB-L101 - 104 cm.
ED-KTB-L204 - 207 cm.
ED-KTB-L4FT - 4 ft.
ED-KTB-L8FT - 8 ft.

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