TL-053 - Telescopic Lifter 150Kg Load, 5.3m Height

The TL-053 takes an impressive 150kg load up to 5,35m. The high resistance cable for traction is guided by a lubricated pulley. The lifter is fixed with hyper safety fastener locks to bear lifter strain. Adjustable stabilizers on its legs provide stability in all kind of surface whereas a bubble level allows to balance it. Four wheels ensure easy use and transport. All Eurotruss lifters are powder coated black.

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Product Description


  • Steel profiles DIN 2394.
  • Winch with automatic brake. Certification CE and GS TÜV.
  • Steel cable DIN 3060. Quality 180 Kg/mm2 twist-resistant.
  • Cable diameter: 4 mm.
  • Exclusive ALS system (Auto-Lock Security)

Technical specifications:

  • Weight 41 kg / 90.4 (lb)
  • Min. Load 25 kg / (55 lb)
  • Max. Load 150Kg (331 lb)
  • Min. height 1,72 m. / (5.6′)
  • Max. Height 5.35m (17.5′)
  • Diameter 35 mm / 1.37 in
  • Unfolded base 2 x 2m (6 x 6′)
  • Folded size 38x38x172 cm

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