UX-218A-R - 2x18" Active Subwoofer

The UX-218A-R joins the new series of UX subwoofer systems. The UX-218A-R has two 18UXN4 speakers. This new speaker designed and manufactured by DAS offers impressive features such as a 4 ″ split coil with double inside / outside winding, a remarkable 52mm peak-to-peak excursion, and a powerful optimized neodymium magnetic assembly. Thanks to the double centering device with silicone treatment, the 18UXN4 controls the moving mass in a very linear way. An aluminum ring favors low distortion and effective coil ventilation and provides a high thermal range with low power compression.
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Product Description

The amplifier of the UX-218A-R offers 2 x 1700 W, incorporating the latest in Class D power amplification. Its universal power supply with low consumption and high efficiency, has Power Correction Factor (PFC), which allows its safe use worldwide. Its state-of-the-art electronic design, such as the fixed frequency output selector, guarantees a high level of audio fidelity. A comprehensive set of “smart” protections such as overvoltage, temperature, short circuit, output overload, limiting clip, and high-frequency protection maintain the safety of the amplifier and acoustic components. Features:
  • High-performance self-powered system
  • Class D 2 x 3400 W peak amplifier
  • DASnet ™ compliant
  • Two new 18UXN4 long excursion loudspeakers
  • Front load in crossover configuration
  • Integrated flying system
  • Worship Centers
  • Theaters, Auditoriums, and Performing Arts Centers
  • Clubs with Live Music
  • Corporate A / V
  • Tours with Live Sound / Rental Services


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