W-515 -Wireless Fog Machine

The W-515 features all the strengths from the W-Series, with onboard W-DMX .

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Product Description

It features all the strengths from the W-Series, with onboard W-DMX to make it complete wireless.
The new designed piping system with electronic controlled solenoid valve, removes remaining fluid provides clear burst without excess fog, also extends the heater lifespan expectancy.

1.   Built-in Wireless DMX

2.   Upgrade piping system with electronic control valve

a. Provide clear burst without excess fog

b. Clear remaining fluid to prevent heater clog

3.   Auto sense frequency

4.   Continuous output

5.   Wireless control

6.   Opto-electronic fluid sensor

Product features

  •  Voltage : U.S. version : 120 Volt
  1. Europe version : 230 Volt
  2. U.K. version : 240 Volt
  3. Japan version : 100 Volt
  •  Power Consumption:1500 W
  •  Output:20,000 cu.ft. / min
  •  Initial Heat-Up Time:10 mins
  •  Fluid Consumption Rate:120 ml/ min
  •  Tank Capacity:6 liters
  •  Control Options:On-Board Control Panel,Wireless Remote,DMX,W-DMX
  •  Control Feature:Timer, Volume
  •  Remote Included:W-1 Wireless Remote
  •  Connections:DMX 3+5 pin XLR , Neutirk PowerCon
  •  Weight:14 Kg
  •  Dimensions (mm):L 561   W 278   H 186
  •  Liquid Used:Antari FLR / FLG Liquid



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