WR-121S - Passive Subwoofer

The WR (weather resistant) series expands with a compact subwoofer designed to provide extended range for the WR series full-range cabinets. 
The WR-121S offers two exposure ratings: CX (covered exposure) for applications where cabinets are covered or protected, and DX (direct exposure) where cabinets are unprotected and directly exposed to the environment. The CX versions are protected with a thick ISO-flex polyurea coating on the exterior surface. The DX versions augment the protection rating by employing a fiberglass exterior. Stainless steel fittings and mounting hardware are offered on both versions.
The WR-121SDXW incorporates a single 600 Wrms 12″ loudspeaker. The WR-121SDXW offers identical cabinet dimensions as the WR-6415DXW for easy combination in tight-packed arrays. Threaded rigging points and optional mounting hardware are available.
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Product Description


  • Weather-resistant subwoofer system
  • Environmental performance to level IP54
  • Easy arraying with the WR-6412CX/DX
  • Threaded fixing points for mounting accessories
  • DX finish (direct exposure)
  • Stainless steel fixing points


  • Professional installation systems
  • Houses of worship
  • Auditoriums/Theaters
  • Theme parks
  • Outdoor Applications

Additional information


Covered Exposure, Direct Exposure, Direct Exposure White Color


WR-121S-CX Data Sheet WR-121S-DX Data Sheet WR-121S-DXW Data Sheet

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