YODN MSD 200R5 is a popular lamp used in a plethora of moving stage lights by numerous companies.

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Product Description

The MSD 200R5 has modern HID technology using extra short light architecture for the highest light output on a much compact size. It holds a special design to prevent the projection of hot spots by distributing the light evenly. Made with an elliptic glass mirror reflector for the best light reflection. This lamp comes with high color temperature, especially for the needs of technology shows.

This is a 200W lamp that features 13.667lm of lumen output. Its color temperature is 8000K and it has a CRI of 70. The lamp’s average life is 3000 hours.

Main Elements

  • YODN brilliant technology
  • Slow light fading
  • Long and reliable lifetime (3000 hours)
  • Perfect optical system with maximum light output


Lamp Dimensions 51 x 51 x 61mm
Ballast Dimensions 135 x 50 x 30mm
Wattage 200W
Operating Voltage 75V
Lumen Output (Lamp Only) 13.667lm
Color Rendering Index 70Ra
Average Lamp Life 3000 Hrs.


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