The Victorious TV show returns with an impressive Cyclops Lighting & Philips Entertainment set-up

The Victorious – The Middle East’s first reality TV show and football academy dedicated to discovering Arab football talent – returned for its 3rd season with a spectacular TV set by Spectrum Entertainment Services and supplied by Procom Middle East. Set to be bigger and better than the two previous season’s, the reality TV show required different types of lighting equipment to suit television filming and add different types of effects that would help build up the tension and suspense of the competition. Installed above the central stage, Philips Entertainment SL Hydrus 350 was used to light the main stage. This bright and compact hybrid beam, spot and wash moving head is ideal for television as it delivers exceptional output, great color control and comprehensive beam effects system. Philips Entertainment Arena Theatre & Rama Fresnels were chosen as key light, shedding the proper light on the main scenes and presenters so that the actions in studio are brought up on camera exactly as they are happening. Both luminaires have an adjustable cone of light and a soft edge that easily blends with adjacent beams to provide even illumination, perfect for TV key light. A main grid covering the football field, was built with a combination of Eurotruss heavy duty and conical aluminum trusses. On it, more than 15 Cyclops Lighting CL 700S-ER Spot Moving Head and CPX 91-MZ LED Moving Head Wash were installed, used to add effects to the actions happening on stage. In addition, over 260 Cyclops Lighting LED Pars were pixel mapped creating effects and colored wash lighting, varying with each scene and game. The football field, where most of the competition happens, is colored washed using over 100 Cyclops Lighting’s powerful Zoom 37 LED Wash Moving Head. These bright RGBW fixtures were installed on 6 Eurotruss truss towers built around the field, boosting the action-filled competition with more effects. The entrance to the stage carried over 20 Cyclops Lighting Flash 40 Wash Cyclorama LED fixtures. All truss structures were built using the high safety Eurotruss aluminum trusses in its different types: ST, HD44 and FD34. Different sizes of LED screens were also provided, projecting videos, live feeds, updates and scores – all controlled by Avolites Ai media server. Procom Middle East has been growing its TV Lighting portfolio catering for the needs of this ever booming industry. The latest from Procom was to add a new range of TV products from Philips Strand, with specialized fixtures built with just the right power and brightness ideal for TV sets. Find out more about the new Philips Strand TV lighting range here For sales inquiries, contact our team

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