Dubai World Trade Center buys Philips Showline SL Nitro 510C LED Luminaires

Dubai World Trade Center, one of Dubai’s top venues for organizing, managing and hosting world-class events, added 22 Philips Showline SL Nitro 510 C LED luminaires to their stock. The initial requirement of DWTC was an architectural LED fixture that can be used during events. Procom proposed the SL Nitros which fullfills the initial architectural requirement but can as well produce powerful effects and coloring while being compact and easy to manipulate

The SL Nitro provides ultimate flexibility for rental companies and events professionals. The RGBW LED strobe luminaire features six independent zone-control that allow to harmonize color calibration (RGB, RGBW and Cool White/Warm White) and continuous blinder effect with over 60,000 lumens of output. The features of the fixture can be seen on this video A SL Nitro 510 C packed array of over 1300 high power LEDs ensures maximum output and full field, even distribution across 120 degrees. The luminaire’s quick-to-connect system allows easy top-to-bottom or side-by-side connection. It also features multiple DMX modes and quiet temperature-controlled fan cooling for easier extensive use. For inquiries about the SL Nitro, you can contact us here Related articles:

ProAudio Central: SL Nitro adds light to Dubai World Trade Centre

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