Eurotruss: The top choice for professional projects in the Middle East

Since its establishment, Eurotruss, the Netherlands based world leader in the production of aluminum truss systems and innovator of the first conical connection system, have stayed at the top of the league of truss and rigging manufacturers. It has become the go-to name for truss safety, reliability and most recently the first Eurocode 9 compliant truss. The Middle East is no exception to this standing where Procom Middle East, the official distributor of Eurotruss is coupling the product to exceptional product support As a result, high quality, good finishing and high safety standards, stock availability in the region, support in design, customization, project support and competitive pricing made the Procom/Eurotruss couple the first choice for professional projects. Botanical Garden (Kuwait) As the summer temperatures reach their highest peaks in Kuwait, affecting the trees and plants, a solution needed to be found to cover this area and protect it from the heat. The project’s main requirement was to provide a truss structure that can cover a land of approximately 7000m2 and that can be easily dismantled when the temperatures drop. The structure included 55 truss towers, up to 8 meters high with base plates bolted in the concrete. The top structures were built with a grid of heavy duty 30×30 box trusses, to support longer spans. The main concern was to be able to dismantle and re-build the structure easily after every season. And so Eurotruss’ robust, yet light trusses came as the ideal long-lasting solution to safeguard the trees. Kuwait-Garden  Hubcafe & Hubzero (Dubai) Hub Café has opted to build its interior with a fixed installation of rectangular grid truss structure made out of Eurotruss heavy duty 40 by 40 box truss standing on legs. Also used to hang lights, projectors and projection screens, the grid combined more than 80 trusses of different lengths. Eurotruss’ light aluminum trusses were the perfect solution for an airy and spacious interior design that conveys style, modernism and innovation. Gravity indoor skydiving (Bahrain) The exciting Gravity Indoor Skydiving just opened in Bahrain, promising to be the newest fun outlet for family entertainment. The requirement was to supply the project with a circular truss structure that would match the cylindrical shape of the skydive tube and would hold the lighting fixtures at the ceiling and on the floor. Eurotruss FD34 half a circle truss was installed on the ceiling while the floor structure was custom made to match the curvature of the skydiving tube. Dubai Parks – Lego Land Stunt Show (Dubai) Dubai Parks’ Lego Land is undeniably one of the most anticipated projects of 2016. Set to open in late October 2016 in Jabal Ali, Dubai, this project promises to be an amazing fun experience to residents of all ages and from everywhere in the UAE and GCC. The main challenge was to create an irregular diamond shape truss structure that will be suspended from the ceiling above the stunt show stage, facing another truss structure that will be aligned with the audience seating plan. Eurotruss HD-34 trusses were used to build the diamond shape linked by custom made corners and spacers of different sizes to strengthen the connection between the different parts of the unit. The back structure facing the seating area was built using Eurotruss HD-44 trusses and both structures were suspended from the ceiling using 10 BGV-D8 Chainmaster hoists. Dubai Parks – Bollywood Raj Mahal Theatre (Dubai) Bollywood Parks, with its iconic Raj Mahal Theatre, is another highly anticipated project by Dubai Parks. The Raj Mahal theatre is the region’s first Broadway-style Bollywood musical with many scheduled to take place throughout the year. Approached with the requirement to create 3 rectangular Archs truss structures and 1 backdrop that will serve as the main stand for the LED screens installed on the stage. This was built using more than 175 pieces of Eurotruss HD44 in different sizes varying from 35cm to 3m, 8 HD44-L90 90 degrees corner, 62 HD44-T 3 way T corner and 10 HD44-X 4 way X corner. As the official distributor of Eurotruss in the Middle East, we now hold one of the largest stocks of aluminum trusses and stage decks in the region in our warehouses in the UAE. We also support our clients in design from idea to structural reports and load bearing. You can browse the Eurotruss catalogue here or contact us for inquiries.

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