K-array’s “invisible sound” featured in multiple applications in the GCC

K-array’s high-performance speakers combine slick and compact designs with professional sound. This makes K-array the perfect choice for installations and events where looks are as important as performance. Aligned with this unique concept in the loudspeaker market, Procom Middle East, K-array’s exclusive distributor for the Middle East, supplies these systems for clients who are driven by “invisible sound”, custom made coloring, portability, compactness and high quality sound. Redwood Technologies, a home technology and AV systems services company based in Dubai, chose the K-array KT2 Tornado for their recent installation in Level Kids at City Walk Dubai. The main design of the area consists of fabricated hollow tree structures where the client intended to have the sounds of birds tweeting and autumn breeze blowing without affecting the final colorful look. The mini, ultra-discreet speakers blend perfectly into the design providing a high quality audio without obstructing the overall display design. “The installation of more conventional ceiling speakers was simply not possible. Anything surface mounted would ruin the natural feeling of the space. With the discrete and compact form factor of the K-array Tornado, we’ve once again lived up to the client’s expectations and provided them a solution, that also sounds great!“ explains Mr. Nathan Williams, Director at Redwood Technologies. In addition to high-quality audio and compact design, K-array offers the opportunity to customize products looks with an array of colors and finishes that help integrate the system into almost any application. AlRayash Events, a Bahrain-based event company specializing in weddings and Arabic music performances, chose the K-array KR402 portable system for its elegant thin look customized in all white. The KR402 is a self-powered, portable “plug-and-play” system that performs for many types of audiences. “Wedding organizers in Bahrain highly demand a totally white setup where equipment disappears in the décor. With the white KR402 system, we have a winning asset that will please the wedding organizer as well as the performers that we bring to our events” Activate the Agency, an award-winning brand communication agency based in the United Arab Emirates specializing in event management and the supply of event audio/visual equipment for big brands across the region, chose the KR402 portable system to implement into their events. “We use the K-array speaker system because of its sleek design, ease of portability and user friendly interface. But most importantly, we use the K-array system for its crisp, clear sound, aiding us in delivering flawless event audio for our clients,” says managing partner Donavon Wood. The Fujairah Culture and Media Authority chose the compact python column arrays with 2 KMT21 for the Dibba Al Fujairah Theater. The system solved all the previous performance problems in audio quality and sound delays while being non-intrusive and being set up without major rigging works in a short period of time before the Fujairah International Arts Festival With a wide range portfolio of portable and compact speaker systems that is able to both deliver high quality audio and elegant aesthetics, K-array is able to provide superior solutions to meet the multiple needs of the Middle Eastern market. K-array systems can be seen and heard in Dubai at Procom’s showroom on Dubai airport road

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