ARC-2E - Wall Mount Remote Control

  • User Control of Symetrix DSP Systems
  • Flexible and Extensible
  • Easy to Install Using CAT5/6 Cabling
  • Easy to Program Using Composer
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Product Description

Why ARC’s are better. One true test of a sound system is how easily end-users can operate it. Symetrix has developed the ARC series of wall panels for easy end user control of Symetrix DSP systems. ARC’s handle music source selection, volume control, paging control, room combining, and much more. Flexible and modular, they can be mixed and matched to provide any and every acoustic space with optimum user control.

Easy to implement. An important consideration when evaluating remote control options is ease of integration. Third-party control systems can be very expensive and require considerable expertise to program and deploy. ARC’s are programmed from the same software application used to configure Symetrix DSP hardware. Configuration and test take minutes, not days. Device IDs (where necessary) are assigned with rotary decimal switches. ARC control parameters are stored in the DSP hardware and can be easily recalled and modified should the need arise.

Fast and reliable. ARC’s communicate over RS-485, a proven long-distance communications protocol. Command sets are assigned to specific ARCs. Available in multiple form factors ARC’s can enable simple control of complex parameters from multiple locations. As an example, a single button press can recall a preset that reconfigures an entire sound system for an alternate application. Security features such as button combination lockouts, user-provided key locks, or PIN codes assure that only qualified users can make adjustments to the system.

Standard cable and connectors. ARC’s are connected to DSP’s via CAT5/6. Multiple ARC’s are daisy-chained using the dual RJ45 connectors on each ARC.

  • 24 menus, 16 items.
  • Control basic audio functions or complex logic events.
  • 8 character backlit display, 31 scrolling characters.
  • 3 navigation buttons.
  • Programmable brightness.
  • Mounts in a single gang North American electrical box.

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