CM-830001 - Manual control 8-ch LV Typ I

Manual control 8-ch LV Typ I without group switch off only for installation work

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Product Description

ChainMaster‘s CM-830 series make powerful companions to electric chain hoists with integrated contactor controls. Compact, portable versions are available for up to four chain hoists. The range also includes a large number of 4- and 8-channel, 19-inch units for electric chain hoists with motor outputs up to 3 kW as well as scalable control units for 16 to 48 drives. All components are available for a variety of international nominal voltages and drive control electronics. Product features
  • Manual control 8-ch LV Typ I
  • For 8 chain hoists with max1 kW
  • Only for installation work without group switch off,
  • 19″ Controller, 6RU
  • Manual Control for chain hoists with integrated contactor control,
  • Integrated power distribution for chain hoists with max 1 kW motor power, 8x Multipin-Connector for chain hoists,
  • Incl. manual remote with 6m cable,
  • Input CEE-32/5


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