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Caprice for a full-fledged professional solution

Client: Caprice L.T.D Date & Location: 14th of June 2018, Seaside road- Beirut Caprice L.T.D, one of Lebanon’s most favored rooftops has finally re-opened its doors for another Summer with the best themed nights experiences in the area. Following the successful formula of Dubai’s White Club, the requirement was to have 4 themed nights starting from Wednesday till Saturday. Each night requires a full-fledged solution to match the theme. Procom’s technical prowess was called to make this versatility in the design happen For sound, the aim was to have homogeneous, high-quality sound for the outdoor venue adaptable to the different types of music of every night. Procom proposed a system of the unmatched Italian brand sub- K-array. The system comprised of 22 x KX12, a compact coaxial 12″ line array element that features a 100° by 30° horn with an adjustable orientation powered by 4 x K-array’s KM218 Self-powered and ultra-light 2×18” subwoofer and 6x K-array’s KMT21 I Ultra-light high-power 21” subs. For video, over 120 m² of outdoor LED screens pitch 10 were installed within 3 Eurotruss  Hexagon shaped facades to match the mapping for the designs planned for each of the nights. To match the designer’s vision, 3 Hexagon Eurotruss ceiling of different sizes, from which hangs a kinetic structure suspending RGB bulbs controlled by Madrix working all together thanks to the installation of over 80 hoists. More than 150 Cyclops Moving Heads were installed for an outstanding lighting setup, controlled by Avolites pearl expert lighting console Once again Caprice presented to its crowed new and unpredictable clubbing experiences giving them all the good reasons to come back every night. Main Equipment Used:
  • 22 x KX12– K-array
  • 4 x KM218  – K-array
  • 6x KMT21 I – K-array
  • 120 m² of outdoor LED screens pitch 10
  • Madrix
  • 40 x 40 truss –Eurotruss
  • 3 Hexagon ceiling and 3 hexagon facades – Eurotruss
  • 150 Moving Heads – Cyclops
  • Pearl expert lighting console – Avolites
  • 80x kinetic Motors
  • 22 Motors – 1 tone –  Chain Master
  • 2x C02 – 8 Head
  • 4x Co2 – 4 Head

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