Casino du Liban

- Beirut, Lebanon

Casino du Liban chooses Cyclops Lighting for its outdoor architectural and effects lighting

Situated at the heart of Jounieh-Lebanon, Casino du Liban is one of the most prestigious entertainment venues in Lebanon The management of the casino was looking for a permanent facade lighting solution to highlight the building with colors at night and to make it visible from a far distance. The proposed solution was based on two lighting fixtures primarily: The Cyclops Lighting CPX-4120 high-power outdoor architectural LED wash light and the Cyclops Lighting Aquaray 400 outdoor super sharp moving head beam light. Over 30 CPX 4120 were used to create high intensity animated wash light on the facade. The RGBW LED fixture has a light dispersion of 40 degrees for a bigger surface coverage and have an IP rating of 66 to be resistant to all hard weather conditions including rain and dust. 20 Aquaray 400 powered an outdoor moving beam light with an IP rating of 54 resisting rain and dust. It was specifically recommended for its high power, lighting effects and features and for being weather-proof Casino du Liban never looked more magnificent, lit in red for Christmas, rays of light and color effects are showing all the way from the top of Harissa mountain nearby. The lighting show is controlled by the Avolites Titan Software with pre-programmed scenes to match the different occasions. The Casino’s choice of Cyclops Lighting was driven by the adequacy of the fixtures as well as the design and after-sales support provided by Prolites SAL, the local Cyclops Lighting distributor

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