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Cez Dubai, chooses DAS audio for hybrid sound system solution

Located between Dubai Mall and the Residence Hotel, Cez is maximizing its’ appeal to shoppers and guests alike. Cez is a charming lounge/restaurant concept distinguishing itself with a natural kitchen atmosphere with a chic design of lavender flower displays climbing ceiling trellises and a pair of overhead glazed domes. For the sound system, the interior designer was very strict on not having loudspeakers distracting the visual impact of the architecture. For this, our team selected the Artec audio system for the loudspeakers from DAS Audio. This solution combines the compact power handling features and streamlines look. Artec also provides powerful, even BGM and foreground music coverage that could possibly soothe an interior designer’s fluctuating mood. ‘Not only are they relatively powerful yet unobtrusive, the Artec 26 comes with U-brackets, accessories, fixing points, and two M8 threaded inserts to provide multiple mounting options. For a better sound distribution, we opted for a ceiling speaker solution in the main dining area. Where seven CL8 passive models were inserted powered by one PA2700 amplifier. As for the bar area, we had to tweak the solution to fit the DJ’s louder sound requirement as the night turns more into a party area. Four Artec 526 speakers vertically mounted, powered by a dual channel PA2700 amplifier and a number of Artec 6 and 8’s have been deployed elsewhere to provide even coverage. With the exception of a pair of Artec 8’s used for DJ monitoring, the other Artec cabinets are largely invisible hidden from customer view behind the growth of lavender. Finally, four DAS Audio Sub -15P bass-reflex subwoofers powered by two PA4000 amplifiers extend the low frequencies when required to 40Hz (+/- 10dB).  

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