Clay Bahrain

- Bahrain, Manama

Clay Bahrain Gets Full Audio Solution for a Unique Dining Experience

Clay is a Japanese-Peruvian style restaurant and lounge in Manama, Bahrain. A live band and DJ play regularly throughout the week. For this, the venue required a fully integrated sound system tailored to its dining rooms, lounge and bar.K-array was the system of choice where sleek design complimented the high-end interior of the venue.For the dining room, 4 KK52 speakers paired with 2 KMT18P passive subwoofers were installed. The system provides background music for quieter dining periods while it can be increased to lounge levels.The bar and lounge needed more power, therefore, 4 KP52 speakers were paired with 3 KMT21P subs for upbeat lounge and dance levels. A pair of Action-8A monitors from DAS Audio were integrated into the DJ’s booth.For reliable sound control, 2 KA24 amplifiers, DAS Audio IA-1004 amplifiers, Symetrix Jupiter 8 audio processor were installed.For the entrance, corridors, and toilets, eight CL 8T ceiling speakers were mounted for an immersive music experience. 

Office, Showroom, Warehouse, and
Service center opens from
Saturday till Thursday
9am till 6pm,
Dubai Silicon Oasis B9, LIU5

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