Dubai Ice Rink

- Dubai, UAE

Dubai Ice Rink Reconfiguration of BGV-C1 Chain Master Hoists

Dubai Ice Rink is a high profile leisure attraction at The Dubai Mall. Located on the ground floor, the Olympic-size Ice Rink has 5 lighting rigs suspended from the 4 level ceiling. Procom was involved in changing the configuration of the high safety standard BGV-C1 hoists from Chain Master from a climbing to a fixed suspension system. This was needed to improve the access to the hoists and hence facilitate maintenance and safety checks. It also helped improve the set-up of the safety net used during hockey games. BGV-C1 guarantees safe suspension over human heads, with a 10:1 safety factor. A climbing hoist system allows quick and simple installation even without full access to the ceiling rigging point. However, for permanent installations, a hoist system fixed to the ceiling is preferable for maintenance reasons.

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