Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

- Dubai, UAE

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club sound system outdoor installation with DAS Audio

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) was born in 1974. DOSC is now known for its excellent facilities enjoyed by over 700 members, with a busy social calendar.

The club hosts multiple events throughout the year as well as a weekly schedule of entertainment ranging from DJ’s to Bands & AGM meetings.

The scope of this design was to implement a sound system that not only catered for the general day to day functioning of the club but also for the weekly entertainment. There are 4 key zones in the design; the bar, terrace, outdoor dining and water terrace. All 4 zones have independent control in terms of level and source.

One of the main challenges for the outdoor areas was the weather conditions, being exposed directly to sun and high humidity close to the water. For this, the high IP rating of the DAS audio WR series and the Arco24T worked perfectly for the units to be implemented successfully within these conditions.

The main system control is run by Symetrix Jupiter 8, combined with an Arc-2E wall panel and Symetrix Web controllers. The duty managers benefit from an independent, wireless login from their phones and tablets for complete system control while3 patch panels, located around the venue, offer multiple plug-in points for entertainers and DJs.

Darren, the Food and Beverage manager shared some thoughts about Procom services:

“The service delivered by your team was exemplary, the product is also top class.”

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