Quranic Park

- Dubai, UAE

Dubai's Quranic Park - smoky, misty jungle effects with Antari

From Pro AVL MEA magazine by Simon Luckhurst: “Created to introduce and educate the miracles of the Holy Quran, Quranic Park is an open-walled 60-hectare development located in Dubai’s Al Khanwanjee district. The main focus is on the Islamic garden and the 54 plants mentioned in the Holy Quran, most of which are protected within the iconic Glass House. As mentioned in the verses of the hold book, scientific and medicinal plants including olives, figs, garlic, leeks, onions, corn, lentils, wheat, and cucumbers are grown under this extensive glass canopy in a climatically controlled environment. Adding value to the 10 Dhs entrance fee of the Glass House, Dubai Municipality has created a smoky, misty jungle effect for their visitors. This has been provided by discretely adding six DNG-200 low fog generators and eight HZ-500 Hazers by Antari into the themed attraction. Creating low-lying ground fog FX, the DNG-200 is a self-contained unit that has a built-in fog machine and cooling system making it more efficient and convenient than CO₂ and dry ice. Volume, timer, and DMX function settings are accessible via the LCD display control interface. ‘We came into the project knowing Antari products from the theatre environment, but the Glass House is an oasis in the middle of the desert,’ comments sales executive Anro Schroder from Antari supplier, Procom Middle East. ‘As it is such a unique application, we had to really collaborate with other parties in order to understand the environment we were working in, which ultimately was a huge challenge, but it was worth it. Fire safety, air-conditioning, and power are factors you take for granted in a theatre, but in the Glass House it was all new, so we had to consult with other parties to make it work.’ Procom Middle East worked closely with the main construction contractor and consultant to make sure the vents were directed correctly and the air-flow was decreased where required. ‘We recommended the DNG-200 low foggers around the ponds and surrounding areas together with HZ-500 hazers for the atmospheric effects in the mid-high levels. Combined, they create an overall mist system and jungle-like effect.’ Four wireless W-DMX white box G5 transceivers transmit and receive the control signals from all 14 units via Avolites Titan One DMX USB dongles. ‘The wireless system was implemented to minimize the amount of cabling running through the gardens,’ furthers explains Mr. Schroder. ‘ It runs on a time code sequence and is been programmed to generate fog effects at certain times of the day.’ 10.5 tons of fluid is consumed annually, owing to the airflow of the venue’s air conditioning. As a result, the machines are continuously running at 100% to produce the desired effect. There ‘s a science to the art as Mr. Schroder further elucidates. ‘The type of liquid used needs to take the fire systems into consideration, so it has been finely-tuned to ensure it doesn’t mix with the fire systems and trigger the alarm. In addition, the system consumes an enormous amount of power, so we had to work closely with DEWA (Dubai Water & Electricity Authority) to ensure there was ample power. A power stacking system has been created and the power is regularly turned off at intervals.’  

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