Fitness Gate

- Abu Dhabi, UAE

Fitness Gate Opens with Complete DAS Audio Sound System Solution

Fitness Gate is a multipurpose fitness club in Abu Dhabi. It includes all facilities required to enjoy a motivating environment while working out. Live DJ sessions are held regularly throughout the venue in multiple zones. The audio system played a crucial role in delivering impeccable sound with versatility for each unique class and work out environment. For this, the speaker models were selected in accordance with specific aspects of each area of the gym. For the Main training room and Boxing areas, ten DAS Audio Action-12A compact two-way full-range speakers along with three Action 18A high output 18″ subwoofers were integrated as a distributed system over two key zones. For the Rooftop Outdoor Track and Rooftop Pool area, four WR-8826 weatherized speakers were installed respectively. A selection of PA-2700 power amplifiers were added to power the outdoor areas. The amplifier incorporate a rugged 2 unit all-steel chassis ensuring structural rigidity. The Ladies gym, located on a dedicated floor, consisted of two Action 12A speakers, one Action 18A subwoofer, and two Action 8A compact systems. All Common Areas required BGM and fifteen CL-6-TB ceiling speakers, equipped with multi-tap line transformers and back boxes, along with one IA-404 power amplifier were used for this. All workout zones and common areas across both floors were controlled by a central Symetrix Jupiter 8 system and featured an easy to use digital signal processor and seven wall mount remote ARC-2e panels, one in each respective zone.

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