Downtown Beirut

- Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanon welcomes the new year in Downtown Beirut with Eurotruss

Lebanon welcomed 2019 with a dazzling night celebration in the iconic Nejmeh Square, Downtown Beirut. The event was ranked 7th in the world by National Geographic. Bachus Production have trusted EuroTruss for the structure of the event. The event was made around a centerpiece truss structure in the shape of a polygon with more than 12 sides. The structure was covering the square with a span of up to 44 meters. Such an arrangement would not have been possible without the use of TT trusses exhibiting a great rigidity and thus carrying heavy loads over long spans. Large productions in the Middle East are more and more relying on TT trusses for their event structures due to their reliability and their ready-availability in the Middle East and technical support provided by Eurotruss and Procom

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