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Museum of the Future

- Dubai, UAE

Power Distros behind the scene at the Museum of the Future

In February 2022, Dubai celebrated the opening of the Museum of the Future, an architectural and engineering marvel located in the heart of DIFC and a remarkable addition to the world’s most important landmarks.

The choice for the power distribution system for the AV equipment of the exhibits and including the changing displays fell on Power Distros.

Power Distros is one of the top Middle East manufacturers specializing in the supplying of Portable Power Distribution equipment and distributed by Procom Middle East. 

All Power Distros products are made from premium components (such as ABB, Schneider Electric, PCE, and Nexans) but also assembled skillfully and certified according to the British Standards (namely BS-7909 and BS-7671)

The equipment features RCBO Protection and DMX Relay Control to distribute and supply end users power from 32amp and 16amp power sources.

For more information and to learn more about power-distros, contact us today or visit www.power-distros.com

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