VANTEC-218 - Passive Bass-reflex Subwoofer

The VANTEC-218 bass system incorporates the legendary 18LX low-frequency transducer with a 4” voice coil mounted as direct radiator into a bass-reflex cabinet. The loudspeaker is protected by a rugged steel grille sealed against corrosion using a powder coat finish.

The VANTEC-218 is designed for use in biamped systems. A top located pole-mount socket permits mounting full-range systems above the VANTEC-218. Handles on the sides and the rear of the cabinet along with two rear located wheels make moving the box easier.

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Product Description


  • Bass-reflex subwoofer system
  • Twin 18LX long excursion transducer
  • Precise and powerful bass reproduction
  • Top located pole mount socket
  • Rigging points
  • Rear located wheels for easy movement


  • Concerts and corporate A/V
  • Portable and live clubs
  • Theaters and auditoriums
  • Houses of worship


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