WhiteBox - F-2 G5 DMX/RDM IP66

The W-DMX Whitebox FLEX-2 G5 Transceiver is the top-of the-line W-DMX Whitebox architectural/outdoor unit.

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Product Description

The W-DMX™ WhiteBox F-2 G5 Transceiver is ideal for larger architectural installations or outdoor applications, in a brand-new IP66 chassis.

This device supports both transmit and receive modes of two universes of DMX and RDM signals, and operates in 2.4GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands, giving access to more channels, and a better co-existence with other wireless equipment in very difficult environments. It is also capable to work as a repeater, used to rebroadcast signal around corners or extend its range to double its reach.

There is an optional support of Ethernet Protocols, like Art-Net and s/ACN. Generation 5 also come with a Double Up feature, where it doubles the number of universes transmitted per device – up to 2 universes on the F-1 and 4 universes on the F-2.


  • Transmitter, Receiver and Repeater modes
  • Up to 700 meters / 2,200 feet
  • 1,024 DMX channels or 2,048 in Double-Up mode
  • IP66 protection


  • W-DMX™ G5 Protocol
  • 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz & 5.8 GHz
  • Works as a repeater
  • DMX, RDM, Art-Net & s/ACN
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping
  • Data-Safe
  • Double-Up universes
  • Backward compatible with G3 and G4S
  • Customizable in any RAL color
  • Compatible with OEM products


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