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Boxica High-tech Boxing Concept Teams up with Procom for Sound and Lighting Solution

Located in the heart of Studio City, Boxica is a brand new boxing gym concept in the UAE. Classes focus on strength, speed, and agility training in a high-energy environment.

Procom was brought on board to help bring the high-tech fitness studio to life with a complete audio, lighting, and control solution.

The goal of the audio design was to provide a system that would be discreet while providing adequate levels for the boxing classes. 4 x KP52’s line array speakers from K-array along with 2 x KMT18P’s subwoofers provide the power and punch needed for the daily operation of the classes. The system is powered by a KA24 amplifier and zoning and control are done using Symetrix Jupiter 4 digital signal processor and a selection of ARC-2E remote control wall panels.
The reception, washrooms, and change rooms are covered with a BGM system consisting of DAS Audio Arco-4T’s and CL-6T ceiling speakers.

Boxica wanted a new and unique lighting design to match the brand. A variety of elements were used in the design including a fully pixel mapped ceiling with the Boxica “X” logo and UV pars to highlight the neon artwork on the walls.
Due to the shape of the room being long and narrow, the Procom design team set out to find the optimum configuration and layout of the lighting rig to ensure both halves of the room were equally covered. The design and rigging points were worked around the existing MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) facilities and the 21 boxing bags suspended from the ceiling. A total of 92 Cyclops Lighting Pixibars were used in the design and were controlled through Madrix Luna 16 and Madrix Basic Key. An additional 8 x Cyclops Lighting PAR 100UV fixtures were used to highlight the neon artwork along the walls.

The end result was a system that not only met and exceeded all operation requirements but also complimented the interior design and room orientation without compromising on quality or coverage.

Cyrus Rustom, Managing Partner at Boxica, stated:
“Working with Procom was a great pleasure. Communication was very professional from the start. We went with the lighting and sound solutions and we are happy with both of them. Starting with the lights, the design that Procom did is unique for our studio and we are very happy with the function of the lights. The lights do some things that I didn’t even know they do; they dance to the music, the lights changed, there are so many different programs we can have with them, they are very functional. Everyone that walks in the studio says ‘WOW’, ‘ They’re great’. Also, the sound quality is extremely high. We’re very happy with the sound quality in the room and no matter where you stand in the room the music volume is the same everywhere; it’s not loud close to the speakers which is a great aspect of the sound system and exactly what we wanted. Procom is being extremely proactive and responsive to any of our calls in terms of setting up the system and being available on the phone anytime as needed. Very professional company and highly recommended”.

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