Khorfakkan Monument

- Sharjah, UAE

Khorfakkan Monument' Real Incense Burner Effect with Antari Low Fog Machines

The Mabkhara is a censer that is deeply embedded within the Arab World and its rich cultural history. Known worldwide for its distinctive shape, the Mabkhara is a symbol of Arab hospitality. Located within Khorfakkan and built at the entrance of the historic city, lies a monument that takes the shape of the traditional Arabian incense burner and is used to welcome guests and tourists from across the county and around the world. Procom was part of the team that helped bring this monument to life by creating spiraling smoke effects similar to that of a traditional incense burner. To achieve this, Antari DNG-250 low fog machines were installed inside the Monument. The DNG-250 has a powerful heating element and efficient refrigeration system, which enables it to produce large volumes of low fog. A series of LCU-2S pumping stations were installed to feed liquid from the base of the structure up to the machines where it is piped into specially designed vents around the top. To keep the system operating, the DNG-250 ’s and the pumping stations are programmed and time scheduled using a Nicolaudie Stand Alone Controller. The machines operate in alternating groups of two over a period of twelve hours per day. The Mabkhara was inaugurated on May 24th, 2020, and is operational daily.

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