Brighton College Al Ain

- Abu Dhabi, UAE

Brighton College Al Ain Renovates the Sound and Light System of its Theater

Brighton College Al Ain is a British Curriculum school in Al Ain, garden city and heart of Abu Dhabi. The campus holds the latest educational facilities including a 450-seat auditorium. Procom was brought on board to fully renovate the audiovisual system and conduct an AMC to keep the theater equipment maintained during the academic year. The entire lighting rig was replaced with LED theatrical fixtures from Cyclops Lighting including: 4x LEDE 300S LED spot moving head, 6x Sparkly Wash 19 RGBW LED zoom wash moving head, 4x Sparkly Wash 37 RGBW LED zoom wash moving head, 4x Flash 400 LED blinder, and 9x XL 30 RGBW LED Par. Combined together, these fixtures provided a versatile rig allowing for a variety of different looks for each performance. Avolites Titan Mobile console was chosen for a fully- featured moving light control system. The all-in-one fog and faze F-7 Smaze machine from Antari was added to enhance lighting and create visual effects. All of the current moving head fixtures in the theatre were serviced, repaired, and installed under the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). The Procom team redesigned the lighting plots for the theater and installed and focused the fixtures as per the requirements of the performance faculty. The audio system was upgraded with a new stage monitoring system consisting of 3x KRM33P low profile passive speakers and 1x KA14 amplifier from K-array. A back-of-house monitoring and calling system was installed using 2x Arco 24T woofers and 1x PA-500 stereo amplifier from DAS Audio. The entire theater’s audio system was repaired, serviced and reprogrammed under the AMC. The technical staff of the school took part in the official Avolites Training Academy at Procom’s Training Center as part of the new design and installation.

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