Federal Supreme Court Abu Dhabi

- Abu Dhabi, UAE

Federal Supreme Court Abu Dhabi Gets Fully Customized Lighting Solution

The Federal Supreme Court of Abu Dhabi needed a complete lighting system that follows its guidelines and requirements.For this, Procom worked closely with the main contractor and consultant in the specifying and designing of the system based on the guidelines and requirements set out.Custom rigging points were installed into the ceiling from which two sets of customized lighting bars were suspended.Each bar had to be 18m long and divided into 3m sections. Each 3m section consisted of three power outlets as well as DMX connection facilities. The bars were linked together using a socapex system that fed power and signal from the main room. For additional side light facilities, two 3m bars were installed on the left and right sides of the stage.The lighting system consisted of seven 200F LED TV warm white fresnels from Strand Lighting, eight powerful PR300W 18 to 38° Zoom Lens warm white profiles and six FR200W warm white fresnels from Cyclops Lighting. The PR300W and FR200W offer superior CRI of 97 and 96 respectively.The bars and fixtures were powered using two Philips relay racks, while Titan one from Avolites was chosen as the control system.

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