La Perle Dubai

- Dubai, UAE

La Perle Dubai’s extravagant show by Dragone chooses Antari Low Fog and Snow machines

La Perle is a show that combines the spirit of Dubai with an iconic 860 sqm ‘aqua-stage’. The custom-built theatre was constructed around the show’s concept. Inspired by the vibrancy of the host city, the show has it all – from cascading waterfalls to fantastical characters. Low foggers and snow machines are an essential part of the show. The client approached Procom with the request of high-performance machines to replace the existing ones that would plug and play, compact and autonomous. The Antari DNG-200 low fog machine was exactly what is needed. It achieves a low fog output without the need for CO2, water, dry ice or external cooling. The machines offer extremely high output and on top of this, are almost silent. As for the snow machine, the snow beast from Antari SW-250 replaced all the old machines. High output and silent operation was the key requirement.

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Monday till Saturday
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9, 51st street, DIP 2, Dubai, 35428, UAE

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