White Dubai

- Dubai, UAE

Rooftop club covered by large Eurotruss structure

Client: White Club Dubai Location: Dubai, UAE
Outdoor rooftop entertainment venues face a challenge in building a temporary/semi-permanent structure that can support the full decor and entertainment technology of the venue. White Club Dubai approached Procom to set up the structure in a short period of time The rooftop is located in the desert and not surrounded by high rises and the structure was supposed to stay standing for around 9 months every year. The structure therefore needed to withstand extreme winds and weather conditions. Procom Middle East developed the technical drawings including a 3D simulation of the structure and load calculations taking into consideration the decor and the large LED screens that will hang from the structure substantially increasing the wind pressures on the structure. It also took into the consideration the giant 4 circles that will hang from the centre of the structure The solution was to create a large decagon-shaped aluminum structure with over 200 meters of TT rectangular truss, holding together a body composed of 10 towers with a 40-meter span. The structure included 4 circles of up to 6m diameter. The space was leveled using 250 Eurotruss stage platforms that can support more than 1000 people, each having a full visibility on the venue. Procom, the Middle East distributor of Eurotruss the world leading Netherlands made aluminum trusses, provided an A to Z solution from design to supply to commissioning. Main Equipment Used:

Office, Showroom, Warehouse, and
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