Matto Dubai

- Dubai, UAE

Matto, Italian bar-lounge in Dubai fine tunes its elegant interior design with a stylish K-array Sound System

Client: MATTO – Italian Restaurant in Dubai Date & Location: 2017, Dubai AddMind, the hospitality group behind Matto, required a sound system that would be visually compatible with the stylish industrial interior design; and yet be suitable for soft restaurant music, bar-lounge and DJ at the same time. The 5 meter high ceiling was kept open to maintain an industrial feel to the place. This made the sound distribution and balance even more critical so that it’s reasonable for a restaurant and not too loud for the guests. Over 10 K-array KK52 Line-array systems were distributed all around the room, making for a well-balanced sound distribution and solving the high ceiling problem. This passive speaker system is ideal for this type of applications all due to its phase coherence, low distortion and focused listening in both the near and distant field Coupled with 2 K-array KMT218P high performance sub-bass system, the full audio set-up was controlled with a KA84 audio power amplifier and processor. K-array’s sleek compact designs and its metallic housing fit perfectly the industrial decor of the restaurant meeting the client’s brief and expectations. For more reading: Main Equipment Used:

Office, Showroom, Warehouse, and
Service center opens from
Saturday till Thursday
9am till 6pm,
9, 51st street, DIP 2, Dubai, 35428, UAE

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