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White Club, chooses Firenze sound system from K-array

Client: White Dubai Date & Location: September 2017, Dubai Meydan Racecourse Grandstand Rooftop White management approached Procom Middle East to provide their entertainment technology expertise and help the club overcome a new daring challenge. In order to meet the client’s requirement for a homogeneous, high SPL sound in the venue adaptable to the different setups, Procom proposed a system comprised of 16 x Firenze-KH7 mid-high loudspeakers and 8 x Firenze-KS8 subwoofers. The Firenze-KH7, an elegant, 35cm wide by 20 cm deep compact line array element, provides a high definition sound even at amazing SPL levels. The KH7 is a unique, technologically advanced active speaker (4 CH DSP onboard), composed by four powerful 12″ coaxial speakers driven by a 4x2000W amplifier and can be used in horizontal or, as in this case, vertical clusters. A long line array of KH7 loudspeakers make it possible to achieve a long throw with very even coverage. Firenze-KS8 is a very powerful 9000W dual 21″ sub that is able to reproduce very low frequencies and provide a really strong punch. The installation was realized distributing the KH7 clusters in a specular way in respect to the consoles that alternate between two locations depending on the different night’s setup. Each console has an L& R cluster composed of 3 Firenze-KH7 speakers connected in vertical orientation, creating a 3.6-meter-long cluster.  Delays were applied to the subs, considering the distances between top clusters and sub, and light tuning was done to create pleasant sound even at really high SPL (an average of 132dB was registered across the entire venue when playing at nominal power). The project and simulation were done using EASE FOCUS 3 and FIRmaker (AFMG), both essential tools in creating the 4 FIR filters that were uploaded in each loudspeaker to optimize the coverage and create a really homogeneous SPL and frequency response distribution all over the venue. The combination of the speaker’s sleek design that integrated seamlessly into the layout and the amazing Hi-Fi experience due to the system layout, the Firenze system provides an impressive surround sensation and the perfect coverage that the clients were looking for with a touch of elegance that only adds to the wow factor of the venue. For more reading: https://goo.gl/bSvicq Main Equipment Used: 16 x Firenze-KH7 mid-high loudspeakers 8 x Firenze-KS8 subwoofers

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